Tuesday, October 16, 2018



Our Cambodian homestay has a comfortable double bed in a private room located to a nearby bathroom/toilet. A mosquito net protects guests when sleeping at night.  Rates are fully inclusive of three meals a day and bottled water.

$20 per person per day (this includes 3 meals)

Breakfast 6:30 am till 8:30am
Porridge with salty egg ,dry fish
Cambodian noodle , chimes noodle , pork rice chicken rice from the nearby village

Lunch 11:50am to 12:30pm
Rice , vegetable soup , and fried ginger with pork or chicken

Dinner 5 :30 PM to 7 pm
Rice just the same as lunch but some time the people take the foods to eat together the end of every meals.
We drink tea or boiling water . From time to time we have a small party drinking white wine  or beer as well .

Things to do
Meet villagers and talk about everyday life
Visit the local market , temple , school  or hospital
Teach English to the kids in the village
Go for rides around the province (motorbike $7 per day, bicycle $1.50 per day)